What future for fashion?

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Alexandra Shulman CBE isn’t really interested in power. She is interested in having a voice.

Alexandra Shulman, the longest serving editor of British Vogue has held and perfected one of the great jobs in the fashion world. And, she’s achieved many firsts.

She sat with British journalist and broadcaster, Kirsty Lang and gave frank insight on style, leadership, the future of the High Street and much in between.

She believes clothes are intrinsic to telling the story about who we are, even if we’re not into fashion. It’s the most obvious thing people see when you meet, and it says something about you.

People do want to dress up in some way post Covid-19 and are craving a bit of “gorgeousness and colour”. Alexandra suspects that the great revenge spending seen in China, will make its way here too. As for the future of the high street, she argues that experiential shopping should go hand in hand with online and that both distribution channels need to work together.

Alexandra shared her best advice on leadership. She encouraged us to be very straightforward and to make a decision, even if it is difficult. And, she pointed out that you can always change your mind.

The ‘aha’ moment that led her to step down was realising that she didn't have to earn a salary or have a big job to feel content. Having done it on her own terms, she learned the hard way that sometimes whatever you say will be misconstrued and misinterpreted. And sometimes she concluded, it’s best not to say anything at all.

Alexandra’s new book, Clothes…and other things that matter will be out in paperback in June.

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What future for fashion?
L-R Alexandra Shulman CBE and Kirsty Lang

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