Our Leadership Stories

IWF UK is privileged to have as members remarkable women who have influenced or are influencing our communities, organisations and families. Some of their leadership stories are well known, others are less so, but each has something to share as role models for each other and for younger generations.

In October 2017, we launched the IWF UK Legacy Project, developed by the Storytelling Committee, which aims to capture the stories of as many members as possible, whether on video, audio or in writing. The new website act as a repository for voicing and honouring the accumulated wisdom of our members' lives.

The project is already under way, with a special video of IWF UK founders in conversation, and a new series of the Leadership Stories of our members. These stories provide many gems of wisdom.  We will publish one of them each month on the website, creating a rich library of experience.

IWF UK Leadership Story: Alice Maynard

IWF UK Leadership Story: Pinky Lilani

IWF UK Leadership Story: Lise Taylor

IWF UK Leadership Story: Sonia Brown

IWF UK Leadership Story: Mary Baker

IWF UK Leadership Story: Penny Egan

IWF UK Leadership Story: Elizabeth Sidwell