The Board

The Officers and Board members are elected by the membership to lead and guide the development of IWF UK, focusing on key areas such as membership, events, communication, international links, and support for next generation leaders. All officers and Board members are Directors of IWF UK Ltd.

The Board meets six times a year and holds its AGM in the spring.

The Chair, Company Secretary, Treasurer and other Board members serve renewable two-year terms.

Board of Directors

Photo of Julie Goldstein

Julie Goldstein

Julie Goldstein is an international business executive with over 30 years experience in the marketing services and luxury goods industries.

Photo of Alison Maitland

Alison Maitland

Alison Maitland is a business author, journalist, speaker and facilitator, who specialises in leadership, diversity, and the changing world of work.

Photo of Jeannette Lichner

Jeannette Lichner

Jeannette is a Non-executive director, business strategy and governance advisor, and executive coach; bringing her 30+years of diverse financial services executive experiences and governance consulting to bear.

Photo of Marty Rolle

Marty Rolle

Serves as a trusted advisor for the CFOs and CEOs of her clients.

Photo of Anne Minto OBE

Anne Minto OBE

Anne Minto OBE has a global portfolio of non-executive director positions.

Photo of Cynthia Pine CBE

Cynthia Pine CBE

Cynthia Pine is a public health academic working with families, schools and primary care, internationally, to improve child health

Photo of Kathryn Pretzel-Shiels

Kathryn Pretzel-Shiels

​Kathryn Pretzel-Shiels is an international business & marketing leader with over 30 years experience creating and growing commercially powerful B2B and B2C customer relationships.

Photo of Lynette Eastman

Lynette Eastman

​Experienced commercial HR Director & transformation specialist with a strong track record of supporting change & transformation to improve business growth & performance.

Photo of Nancy Glynn

Nancy Glynn

Nancy specializes in Executive Development in 21st century leadership as a Coach, Consultant, Coaching Supervisor and Educator

Photo of Rachel Small

Rachel Small

Rachel Small is a lawyer and chartered company secretary with over 25 years experience in the corporate sector

Photo of Susan Vinnicombe CBE

Susan Vinnicombe CBE

​Susan's research interests focus on the lack of women in leadership, specifically on corporate boards; women's leadership styles and the issues involved in women developing their executive careers.

Photo of Sylvana Caloni

Sylvana Caloni

Sylvana is a Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach, Facilitator of Peer Advisory Circles and Trainer. Prior to founding her business, she was an Executive Vice President, Senior Equity Analyst, Fund Manager and Head of Global Sector Research teams at Bankers Trust Financial Group.