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An inspiring evening of successful entrepreneurs Judy Piatkus, Elizabeth Marsh, Carol Bagnald and Nina Hampson facilitated by Sylvana Caloni.

Our speakers taught us that there is not a unique path to entrepreneurship. You can start at a young age or much later in life. You may have left school early, be the first of your family to go to university, choose to launch with a business partner or on your own. But each of these talented women amazed us with their independent and strong-minded character, a will to learn constantly, an ability to look for the next opportunity and to be a disruptor.

There were many questions around the role of mentors, friends and network groups to get through the inevitable stress. Participants were also curious about the right time to jump into entrepreneurship and the impact of Covid-19 on current prospects. The topical issues of women and appetite for risk and their ability to raise money in the Venture Capital world were also discussed. And the essential question: what is the measure of success? It is not all about money. Judy, Elizabeth, Carol and Nina emphasised collaboration and sustainability.

To the questions: “what did you learn and did this journey change you? Each of the speakers answered that they had gained better self-awareness and the ability to forgive oneself when making mistakes.

As one of our members said, ‘Things don’t go wrong, they just go different’.

Another shared that ‘There is nothing such as the right time to launch a business, what is important is, it has to be the right time for you’.

Beatrice Devillon-Cohen

Members - Click here to view a recording of the event.

Entrepreneurial Journey speakers
L-R: Carol Bagnald, Judy Piatkus, Liz Marsh, Nina Hampson and Sylvana Caloni

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