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IWF UK Members reveal that working too much, a racing mind and feeling anxious result in too little sleep. The impact of lack of sleep is seen on physical & mental health, team effectiveness and economic cost due to lower productivity. Dr Katharina Lederle provided evidence on the benefits of sleep and useful tips to wake up feeling refreshed.

Sleep is essential for good physical and mental health, just as breathing, exercise and a healthy diet. Dr Kat shared research that showed that even moderate sleep deprivation produces impairments in cognitive performance equivalent to alcohol intoxication. Sleep impacts women and men differently due to psychological and biological factors. Our changing hormones at different stages of life can cause insomnia impacting the essential sleep needed to cleanse our bodies and brains.

Maximising sleep quality can be achieved by recognising how to prepare for a good night sleep throughout the day, discovering your sleep window, and knowing how much sleep your body needs. Valuable tips were shared on how to wind down at the end of the day, what to do if you do wake up at night and how to wake feeling refreshed.

IWF Members’ comments included:

  • “Excellent Session”
  • “A very interesting session where I learned new things, and it was nice to share with other members.”
  • “Dr Kat has a wealth of knowledge and shared invaluable insights based on sound science and practical research.”
  • “The tips for how to get ready for a good night's sleep throughout the day and at bedtime are keepers!”
  • “As with many of these events, I find the Q&A and discussion as interesting as the presentation. The personal stories bring the theory to life.”

For more information about Dr Kat and how she can help you individually or your teams look here.

To learn about Dr. Kat’s book, Sleep Sense, find it here.

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Dr Kat Lederle
Dr Kat Lederle

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