Demystifying the Boardroom, part 2

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IWF UK Board Member and Treasurer Jeannette Lichner delivered Part II of the workshop “Demystifying the Boardroom” on the 27th of July where she provided an insider’s view on why you might want to become a NED and how to align your interests and talents to the organisation that’s right for you.

Jeannette launched part two of this comprehensive and insightful workshop series with a set of reflective questions to be considered before you start your NED campaign. The most important of which is “Why do you want to become a non-executive director?” Jeannette unveiled many of her personal tips from how to land your first NED job to how to set yourself up for success in the boardroom. The contribution from IWF participants about their own NED experience enriched the conversation further and provided the attendees with a full and complete picture of how to be an effective as well as a happy NED.

Christine Brown-Quinn

Enthusiastic comments from the audience included:

“Terrific session full of highly practical advice based on sound experience.”

“This was an outstanding event. I really appreciate the generosity of spirit. As for the sharing of knowledge and experience - all was extremely valuable.”

“Fantastic in-depth content presented really clearly. Well done!”

“This information prepared and presented by Jeannette was the most comprehensive I have seen to date. Robust, authentic, and incredibly insightful. Jeannette left no stone unturned.”

“This event was certainly a #Only@IWFUK moment with deep insight and years of experience shared in a dynamic, welcoming and supportive environment.”

To watch a recording of this event click here to be directed to the Members only section of the website and find it within the event write up in Members News (Rightside menu bar).

Jeannette Lichner

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