Demystifying the Boardroom, Part 1

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IWF UK Board Member and Treasurer Jeannette Lichner presented a robust and insightful session on 16 June on how boards work, directors’ responsibilities, and how to manage interpersonal dynamics.

Jeannette highlighted board fundamentals, good market practice and the primary importance of corporate and board governance. She showed how broad the job of boards is, with their remit to ensure long-term growth that is sustainable and profitable in the interests of shareholders and wider stakeholders.

It’s a demanding job, too, given the constantly changing expectations of directors and the requirement to contribute to different board committees and ensure effectiveness and high performance.

Positive feedback from those attending include the following comments:

‘An excellent overview and insider’s view of the boardroom. Engaging speaker and Q&A session.’

‘Jeannette did a fabulous job covering a huge amount of information and engaging with the audience.’

‘Excellent session from Jeannette who is clearly expert – insightful as well as informative.’

In Part 2 on 27 July at 6pm, Jeannette will focus on how and when to become a NED, how to create a portfolio career, how to establish your boardroom presence and the characteristics of great NEDs.

Members can register now on the Events page of the website.

Kathryn Pretzel-Shiels

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Jeannette Lichner

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