The world of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

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IWF UK members were given a window onto the world of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence in a session on 18 May led by Maria Minaricova, a prominent mentor & advisor on the development of smart technologies.

Maria, head of business development at Fetch.AI, an AI and digital economics company. shared case studies of these new technologies’ applications across mobility, smart cities, supply chains and decentralised finance which improves all our lives and businesses.

Industries including energy, security, heath care and the environment will benefit as applications of AI & Blockchain increase and the cost of computer power and communication and the size of computer processors decrease, Maria told us. We will move faster towards a world where speed and accuracy of diagnoses, drug discovery and never having to look for a parking spot again will be commonplace.

The event, moderated by IWF UK member Christine Brown-Quinn, demonstrated where these big and small technologies help improve our lives by making complicated tasks simple. Cars become autonomous, watches save lives by sharing information with doctors around the world, and your coffee maker serves up your favourite brew at the exact time you need it.

Provided that diversity and inclusion, regulatory frameworks and education are at the heart of the future development and applications of AI and Blockchain, they promise independently and together to be the most disruptive and innovative technologies in the next 10 years, Maria said.

Kathryn Pretzel-Shiels

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Maria Minaricova

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