How to build resilience in challenging times

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​In this crisis, have you found yourself asking: Am I doing enough? What more should I be doing? And feeling energy depleted?

If so, you’re not alone. And there is a range of tools and techniques to help, as we learned from IWF UK Board Member Nancy Glynn in a compelling presentation on ‘Resilience in Challenging Times’ on 8 April.

Nancy, who has extensive experience as a coach working with executives on resilience, began her virtual presentation by likening it to a reservoir. Some things fill our reservoir, while others create small holes out of which our resilience leaks.

Video: Resilience - an introduction and definition

Drawing on science and practical applications, she took members through seven approaches known to build resilience, categorising them under three headings: inner, relational and wider world.

Sharing sources for us to explore further, she talked about focusing on our strengths, practising positive emotions, developing grounding practices, looking for things that bring joy and satisfaction, and the importance of both community and artistic activities.

Video: Resilience - 3 good things

Here are three gems:

‘Whatever you do, recognise that this is enough.’

‘Your signature strengths are like a colour palette that you can dip into, paint with and blend.’

‘Self-compassion is talking to ourselves as if we were our best friend.’

Video: Resilience - self compassion

Facilitated by Jeanette Cowley, coach and mediator and member of the Programme Committee, participants described their own experiences of depleting or renewing their reservoirs of resilience.

‘Nancy, thank you for sharing with us your knowledge and experience and delivering a powerful session,’ said Kathryn Pretzel-Shiels afterwards. ‘You are a shining example of how IWF UK can advance women’s leadership by empowering a group of open minded women to recharge and be ready to face another challenging day with grace.’

Geraldine Sharpe-Newton said: ‘It was terrific. And the comments made by our community were insightful and engaging. I was really impressed by the technology and how that brought us all together. Jeanette as chair provided all the connecting and caring. Well done to all.’

Alison Maitland

Nancy Glynn - How to build resilience in challenging times

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