Women Pioneers feature in our first online event

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​IWF UK marked a first this week with an online gathering focused on pioneering women, designed to connect members around the world and in self-isolation due to the pandemic.

The event featured IWF members Dana Denis Smith, high-profile founder of the First 100 Years Project, and Angela Holdsworth, acclaimed author and television producer. Sylvana Caloni, Board member and co-chair of the IWF UK Storytelling Group, was our skillful facilitator.

Dana and Angela shared their inspiring stories and elaborated on their collaboration on the First 100 Years videos, featuring groundbreaking women in law. We encourage you to watch the videos (links above)!

‘Their stories provided the spark for an engaging 90 minutes of exchanges among us, with so many excellent take aways’, said Anne Duncan, IWF Board member, who joined the IWF UK event from Paris. Members across the UK, as well as in Tel Aviv and Dubai, participated in an evening using a tech platform to connect us and our guests.

More than 30 participants shared insights and experiences, including how to use this unprecedented time of confinement to reflect and write our own stories, creating a legacy. We talked about how inspiration can come from many sources: male and female role models, supporters, frustration, and even spotting a gap and being willing to fill it.

We heard about resilience, adaptability, using personal strengths and how ego diminishes when you work for something bigger than yourself. It was refreshing to be reminded that challenging times create opportunities for new ways of being.

Kathryn Pretzel Shiels

A few of the attendees of the online Women Pioneers event

Sylvana on screen welcomes everyone to our virtual event

Sylvana on screen welcomes everyone to our virtual event

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