Unveiling the key to working with Americans

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IWF UK member Allyson Stewart-Allen shared captivating insights from the second edition of her recently released book.

Allyson Stewart-Allen shared insights from her recently released book, Working with Americans, to a full house at the IWF UK Breakfast on 29 January. Anyone who has done business with Americans can testify that there are more differences than similarities and Allyson shared the background on why that is, and how to navigate through it. Key lessons shared were: expect directness and time-driven negotiations. Don’t expect your business to transfer as is. Adapting your business to match with US norms matters. Be willing to give things a try. If it doesn’t work it’s ok to try again. Americans accept failure as a fact of life. Experimenting is valued and encouraged. Americans want you to succeed, and strive for a ‘win-win’, so you can do business together again. Underlining this are regional nuances requiring an understanding of the mindset and diversity. “It was interesting to learn from Allyson about doing business in one of the most complex markets in the world and apply that to my own experiences," said Jeanette Cowley, Programme Committee member. Allyson’s book is available from Routledge (with a special IWF members discount of 30% with code “WWA30” until 29 February) and from bookstores.

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