IWF UK members join #MeTooPay campaign launch

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Initiative launched to end gender pay discrimination

IWF UK directors and members are among 100 senior women signatories of the #MeTooPay initiative launched in the UK this week by Dame Moya Greene to finally end gender pay discrimination.

Chair Julie Goldstein, Vice Chair Alison Maitland, and Membership Chair Professor Susan Vinnicombe CBE have all signed the campaign, which appeared first in the Financial Times and has gained widespread media coverage this week. Other IWF UK member signatories include leading businesswomen Ruth Cairnie, Kate Grussing, Helen Pitcher OBE, and Gillian Wilmot.

Dame Moya, former head of Royal Mail, launched the campaign after reading the case of Stacey Macken, who recently won her claim for sexual discrimination and victimisation against BNP Paribas. Macken’s salary and bonus were substantially lower than those of a male peer, despite equal grades for their performance.

The campaign group has set up a website for news, information and advice on the issue. Dame Moya told the BBC: ‘Pay discrimination is more widespread than we had thought, even though we have had laws on the books for 40 years.’

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