IWF UK breakfast - 'Brexit: Leadership lessons learned'

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For our latest breakfast session, members had the opportunity to gain insights into the Brexit process.

Philippa Roe, The Right Honourable the Baroness Couttie, Conservative Whip in the House of Lords, was our guest speaker at the IWF UK breakfast on Monday 1st July, on the topic of 'Brexit: Leadership lessons learned'. At the private event, IWF UK member Melanie Czarra introduced Baroness Couttie, who shared her personal insights into the entire Brexit process and what could have been done differently. Knowing that IWF UK is all about leadership, Baroness Couttie touched on ways to build the best team around a leader, leadership in crisis, effective leadership styles, and ways to build consensus around the highly emotive issue of Brexit. Members heard her inside take on the principle challenges ahead and took part in a lively Q&A session, after which she received a standing ovation. Our thanks go to IWF UK member Natalie Costello, who kindly hosted the event at the London headquarters of BP plc.

IWF UK Breakfast 1st July

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