2020 Cornerstone Conference Kick Off

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A feast of ideas at 2020 Cornerstone Kick Off event

Planning started in earnest for the IWF Cornerstone Conference being hosted by IWF UK in London in May 2020. We had an extremely productive first session at Fortnum & Mason on 26 July – such a hot day too! The ideas were big and the buzz fantastic as members focussed on different aspects for the conference, including:

  • Theme & Programme
  • Dine-Arounds
  • Fundraising
  • Behind-the-Scenes
  • Hospitality

A great many ideas were captured on the night and in the concluding round-up, Julie Goldstein, IWF UK Chair, thanked everyone for their enthusiastic contributions and confirmed all members would have the opportunity to get involved as we head towards this exciting event. Thank you to all those who attended and especially to Marty Wikstrom, who so generously hosted us at the super venue of F&M.

2020 Cornerstone kick off
2020 Cornerstone kick off

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