Visit by IWF CEO Stephanie Mathews O'Keefe

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IWF UK members welcomed IWF CEO, Stephanie Mathews O’Keefe, on a short visit to London. Stephanie met members at a breakfast at Villandry on 24 January, and had a session with the IWF UK Board the previous day.

She spoke about her first 18 months as CEO, the new offices in Washington DC with a members’ meeting area, and the new Member Portal and Members’ Dialogue area on the IWF global website . She gave an update on the various programmes, including the Leadership Foundation Fellows’ Programme which has been running since 1994, the EY Women Athletes Business Network (WABN) Mentoring Programme, and the international conferences.

She said how pleased she was to have two IWF UK members currently serving on the main Board - Anne Duncan and Sandy Stash - who are very actively involved on the global communications and development committees respectively, as well as IWF UK member, Marty Wikstrom who is working on a new initiative for the Leadership Foundation. She listened to members’ views on a variety of issues such as membership criteria, the desire for more regional conferences and European gatherings and live streaming of the international conferences. The discussion was extremely fruitful and informative.

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