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As a leader you will be observing trends in your field of expertise that have wider implications for society. In the first of this series of articles, IWF UK Board Member, Suzanne Todd discusses Domestic Violence and the importance of collective responsibility.

With her family lawyer hat on, raising awareness that domestic abuse affects people regardless of status, class, gender, income bracket or educational background helps to ensure that employers are not making assumptions as to who might need support given the sharp increase in domestic violence in the COVID-19 world. It is important to make domestic abuse a part of the conversation, to remove any stigma and encourage collective responsibility. Employers should ensure staff involved in domestic abuse issues are clear when an issue needs to be escalated or reported. For example, if it raises safeguarding issues, and when it does not and also that staff involved in domestic abuse issues are properly supported.

There is much to be learned about what domestic abuse can look like and how you can help; increasing education, awareness and understanding are crucial to offering the right support in the right way.

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Suzanne Todd, Family Partner and Joint Head of Dispute Resolution (Europe) Withersworldwide

Suzanne Todd
Suzanne Todd