Katharine Whitehorn CBE

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​ It is with a heavy heart we acknowledge the passing at the weekend of one of our Founders, the great Katharine Whitehorn CBE.

IWF UK owes her a debt of gratitude for her role in founding and supporting us for almost 38 years.

Katharine’s career and significant contributions to journalism were covered in the news at the weekend. Her achievements were so numerous it would be difficult to list them here. However, a brief summary is that Katharine, after graduating from Cambridge and a short time as a model, became a distinguished writer and author working for the Observer, Picture Post and for Saga magazine. Katharine was the first women to have her own column at the Observer and was the star columnist for 40 years. Katharine wrote many ground-breaking articles and her book Cooking in a Bedsitter was serialised on Radio 4.

For those of us who knew her through IWF UK, we will remember Katharine for her good humour, incisive questions and comments at our events as regular attendee (up to a couple of years ago.) Katharine will also be remembered for her support and active engagement as a mentor.

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Katharine Whitehorn CBE, with artist Sarah Richardson