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IWF UK Member Christine Brown-Quinn energetically empowered fellow members and next generation women leaders with myth-busting facts about how to get ahead in the business world, paired with practical advice on getting promoted to the top, during an online event on 2 June.

Since Christine’s second book, Unlock your Career Success, launched in February, she’s enabled professionals at all stages to learn the unwritten rules about realising their career ambitions and aspirations.

Bringing this to life at a special event for members to invite next-generation women leaders, Christine shared details and case studies behind three of her 10 rules: Claim your career, Nourish your network, and Revere relationships.

Members and mentees, some from the ELN network, which enjoys an exclusive association with IWF UK, joined breakout rooms for small group conversations, sharing and exploring their experiences of the three rules in practice.

The positive feedback from guests included the following comments:

‘I feel refreshed this morning to refocus and to carve out the time to send my one email a day to nourish my network’

‘I found it to be very useful with much information to think about and advice to follow. These kinds of gathering are especially important and uplifting at this time, so it is great that IWF organises them.’

IWF members remarked: ‘Another fabulous event from IWF. The use of breakout groups was a great decision. In the smaller groups we were able to share experiences and get to know more wonderful women.’ And, ‘this event aligns with all three reasons why I joined IWF … Inspiring the next generation of women leaders, supporting other women (IWF members) and continuing to enable my career growth. It was a home run.’

Kathryn Pretzel-Shiels

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