Lina Takla

Lina is an experienced executive in investment banking and wealth management with a track record of achievement, creating a network of lasting relationships that generate repeat business. She is an enabler, winning support from relevant stakeholders and steering complex projects to a successful completion – a team player with experience of managing teams. She is an expert with perspective on corporate derivatives, financing strategies for private and publicly listed companies and their shareholders, global private markets, investment tactics, across multiple asset classes. Her career is characterised by sure footed commercial and risk decision making, often under pressure, coupled with developing opportunities wisely, integrating Responsible Investment criteria as part of building sound long-term transactions. She has a strong long-standing interest in development and sustainability issues. She is fully trilingual in French, English and Arabic with a good working knowledge of German and Greek.

She has held various senior positions in the finance sector including Management Director Investment Banking at Credit Suisse and MD in Wealth Management at UBS. She is a highly analytical professional and had an academic research career prior to her path in finance. Her early research was funded by the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the EU, and she worked at Chatham House and the London Business School. Lina is a graduate of the London School of Economics and has a PhD in Economics from the London Business School.

Lina is skilled in matters of policy and governance; she is a seasoned member of Management Committees, Product, Risk, and Investment Committees with focused approach in identifying and addressing issues relating to stakeholders, regulatory and corporate governance. She is a Trustee of LIFE Generation, a charity that funds education in Lebanon.